Welcome to My Blog!

Games, gadgets, laptops, smart phones, social media and much more have been integrated into out daily lives in immense proportions in the past 20 years. These tools are now just apart of our daily routine. The limitless knowledge and social interactions we have at our fingertips is unlike anything before.  

I am mesmerized with the potential for good that technology has, yet critical of technology that blurs the line between positive and negative. The purpose of this blog will educate individuals about how to stay informed about the technology we as society use every day. 

The frictionless software that we use day-to-day has revolutionized the way we live. We have adapted rapidly to technology and incorporated our lives into our devices. I am interested in the way that humans interact with technology. I am a current AppleCare Advisor for Apple. I have been trained on how to troubleshoot issues with Mac and iOS devices with efficiency. I work with users of Apple devices from the ages of 15-85 located in either Canada, the United States, Australia and the UK. The commonality between these demographics is that they all strive to learn more about the devices they use and ways they can improve their skills. As a technical advisor I am not just supporting technology, I am supporting people

The addictive tendencies that can come with technology is still being studied of what the true repercussions are. As humans I believe that it is crucial to maintain a healthy and positive relationship with the devices we use. The continuous change in the digital age can be deterring, but questioning the purpose of inventions and analyzing current ones can in-turn build a healthier bond between people and technology. 

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