How Google is More Than “Just a Tech Company”

If I had a dollar every time myself or someone said, “Just Google it!” I would probably have enough money to buy Google itself. 

All jokes aside, Google surpasses all other search engines and is embedded into our culture. Google currently has 92.86 percent of the market share and has over 3.5 billion searches a day

As a multi-billion dollar company, consumers have a magnifying glass on Google with high ethical, moral and social standards of accountability. An effective way that Google has showed commitment larger than being just a tech company is its dedication to sustainability and the environment.

Google’s initiative is known as Google Energy LLC. Google is dividing its wealth into a variety of projects in order to reduce its carbon footprint and cut waste, some of which include

  • Accelerating transition to renewable energy 
  • Empowering users with technology to bring light to global sustainability challenges 
  • Managing water stewardship and increasing climate change action
  • Creating sustainable work places 
  • Supplying software tools that help people measure the planet’s health and much more

“The path to a cleaner, healthier future begins with the small decisions we make each day. That’s why we’re committed to making smart use of the Earths resources and creating products with the planet in mind.” – Google Energy 

Google has one of the best reputation for corporate social responsibility. Google’s dedication to the environment is admirable by all tech companies. Google diverted 91 percent of its waste from operations away from landfill. Google also uses on average half less energy than a typical data center. 

Google has not just stated its goals to the public without following up with evidence to back up their claims. In order to maintain transparency with its users Google provides tools and reports about its efforts. 

Google’s clarity allows for a a greater interaction with its consumers. Google has went above and beyond with its environmental impacts (despite America’s withdrawal from the Paris Agreement, which strengthens global response to climate change). 

Google’s climate change efforts and ideals for the future set precedent for all major businesses. Google creates an open dialogue and shows its high ethical standards throughout its sustainability website. The proof of statistical data to back up its environmental mission is vital to  open and honest communication. 

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  1. Zhaoxing Tong says:

    Google is indeed a leader in all technology companies, both in terms of technology and environmental protection. Google knows how to continue its sustainable development plan.

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