Why You Should Take Facebook Saying it is Going to Gain Trust Back With a Grain of Salt

When Facebook was first created by its CEO Mark Zuckerberg in 2004, it aimed to connect Harvard students through an online community. At its infancy Facebook was just for connecting with old friends, posting statuses, pictures of your life and accepting invites to events, what could go wrong? 15 years later Facebook has grown into a multi-billion dollar social networking monster. 

In recent years Facebook has been in the lime-light due to a data breaches, stealing and selling users data and a strong lack of transparency between company and user. Users of the platform have voiced concerns and started to question what rights they have over their personal data (rightfully so).

The transformation of Facebook took over the digitized world. Facebook has grown into a beast of its own. This NYT article even says that Facebook’s operations chief, Sheryl Sandberg, believes that Facebook has to change its ways in order to gain trust with its users. 

In the article Sandberg knows she has a job to do in order to achieve a strong level of respect and trust back. You can see the lack of faith in Facebook after its shares dropped 33 percent in 2018. Facebook has over 2.27 monthly active users. With a user base that large combined with multiple data scandals Facebook has been forced to rethink its business model and ethics, because without users there is no Facebook.

Tech tycoons should be held accountable for mismanaging users personal data. Think about how many other applications allow you to sign into its services by signing in with your Facebook account. Our personal identifiable information, just floating in cyber-space. Throughout the article Sandberg kept stating that Facebook has to gain trust back, but failed to dive into the tactics on how Facebook will ensure transparency and trust with its users.

Its a nice thought that high up individuals within Facebook are aware with the turmoil it is in and something has to be done, yet that is all it is…just a thought. You can say you are going to build trust, but actions speak louder than words. Facebook has been primarily reactive to scandals rather than proactive in order to ensure no more trust is lost.

Sandberg and Zuckerberg should follow the model of tell it first, tell it fast and tell the truth when it comes to crises within the organization. Facebook seems to let known-issues sit on the back burner until it boils over or even the federal government has to get involved.

Facebook should show more transparency by having the face of the organization (Zuckerberg) come out with tips to secure your data and state his dedication to user privacy. Facebook should also have tangible ideas on how to build trust, rather than just stating it. As for now it is up to the users to become more aware surrounding tech businesses compliance with data. Here are some tips on how to better secure your Facebook today.

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